A striking voice breaks the silence, joins a guitar and sings, cries and whispers songs of sorrow, anger and hope. Some of them are of the kind which disrupts the alienation of shoppers on the streets and makes them look up for a second, others you’d love to take home and keep for your own.

Speaking Silences is currently living in Vienna and working on his third Album.


Labelled and categorized:

Post-Dylan Singer/Songwriter somewhere between Glen Hansard, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Violent Femmes.


  • Cold Eyes, 2007, Cardio Club (you can order it on x-mist).
  • Love in the Times of Self-Alienation, self-made (including packaging &c.) EP ‘released’ in 2011 (drop me a line here or under info@speakingsilences.net if you’re interested in one of those)

You can listen to new tracks and demos (plus a couple of old tracks) on soundcloud.

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