A sound in the silence – a guitar, a voice; a song. Torn from the heart, delivered with a fevered soul. Speaking? A whisper, a first whisper:

Now let the empty words corrode
That feed upon your roaring soul
There was a hint a whispered line
A waltz composed in dead man’s time
Something too beautiful to grasp
Making thaw that iron mask
That like a wintry icy blur
Had covered up the dreams that stir
Beneath our fragile, fevered skin –
This life it is a wondrous thing.

Labelled and categorized:

Post-Dylan Singer/Songwriter somewhere between Glen Hansard, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Violent Femmes.


  • Cold Eyes, released in 2007 by Cardio Club (you can order it on x-mist).
  • Love in the Times of Self-Alienation, self-made (including packaging &c.) EP ‘released’ in 2011 (drop me a line under speakingsilences@web.de if you’re interested in one of those)

You can listen to new tracks and demos (plus a couple of old tracks) on soundcloud.

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