The Facebook Mess

So, maybe someone noticed that I seemed to have left Facebook for the last couple of months, here’s what happened:

Facebook asked me to change the name of my profile in accordance with their guidelines for names (you’re supposed to use the name people know you by), and to prove that I am actually called Speaking Silences. After feeling pissed off about that for a couple of days, I gave in (partly because I can vaguely see their point – with a lot of squinting and looking around corners) and asked Facebook to change my profile’s name to my proper name, sending along a picture of my passport to prove my name.

Turns out my proper name doesn’t fit the guidelines either.

Baffled I sent them a series of messages basically getting always the same automatic reply, thanking me for my submission (of the documents or of myself, I guess) and asking that I prove my identity with another passport. So I tried setting up a new profile. Turns out, my proper name isn’t accepted by Facebook at ALL – weirdly enough, setting up a new account as Speaking Silences works…

So now there is this very new profile (and, God, I didn’t know how much work it is to try to recreate the network you have built over a couple of years), which, after all, might turn out to be only temporary, if Facebook decides to either a) give me back my old profile (and control of my page – I would like that) or b) kick me out again.

Just if someone was wondering…

In other news: am recording!


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