New Stuff (Coming Soon)

Over the last couple of weeks (alright months) I’ve been working towards releasing some new stuff. Plans ranged from an EP to an album (or two) and I spent many an hour trying to figure out what songs to put out there and how to arrange them. It was quite a tough choice, as there are so many songs I really like and want to share with you, but in the end I decided on a five-track EP (all done in the good old DIY-spirit) which is basically finished and will be out (digital as well as physical) in a couple of weeks or so. It’s called Hanging On and this is the track list:

  1. Bridge of Matches
  2. The Anticipation of Pain
  3. Eyes of Misery
  4. As Long as Nobody Stares
  5. Hanging On


However, during the work on this, I recorded a couple of songs which ended up not quite fitting in with the rest – mainly one called “My Father’s Voice” which ended up having a choir and I don’t know how many different instrumental parts in it. As I really like that one, I have decided to put it out as a digital-only release. It will hit SoundCloud and YouTube this Friday (29 September 2017)!

It will also be available as a small bundle on Bandcamp together with two more songs, “To Pray for Rain” and a weird, bluesy track called “(Re)solutions” which I will certainly never play live, because I have absolutely no memory of what I was doing when recording it.

Watch this space and/or the usual social media channels (except instagram)…


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