Oh Vienna!
I wanna tear through your silence like a sharpened knife in life’s kitchen.
Bringing tears & smiles to my face & leave you shattered/disturbed –
Muttering to yourself like a sleepwalker woken in the middle of a poignant dream;
Shaking your bewildered heads mumbling to each other about my
behaviour & the


of your routines or even non-routines.

Oh, Vienna!
I find your calm invading my thoughts & heart & songs – I thought I was growing up & becoming sensible, but now I think it was more a case of adapting to surroundings.
(After all, who could ever honestly claim human life to be sensible of all things?)
But what use is being calm and grown in the face of changes that might swallow if not our lifes than at least our souls and hearts?

Oh, Vienna!
I saw you eat away at the best hearts of my generation, stark raving sane, wised-up, untouchable, softly spoken
You even took quite a large bitr out of mine.
Smiling politely at phrases I tried so hard to make an integral part of my life, a credo, but which every fiber of my soul rejected.

You are a tough place to breathe in.
But for reasons beyond my grasp, I love you and I’d rather try and change you than give up & leave.

I think I might have become one of you.

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