Hanging On available now (at concerts)

So… it’s finally here – well, sort of.

Last Wednesday (23 May), the first copies of Speaking Silences’s new EP Hanging On were assembled. This is a limited pre-release edition, only available at Speaking Silences’s gigs – here is No. 2:

Speaking Silences_Hanging On_Assembly (5)

“Hanging On” Pre-Release Edition #2 being assembled

Almost everything of this record was done by myself, except for the recording of the title song, which Matthias Hofer did, and the mastering which was done fantastically by the great and very patient Alexander Vatagin. It sounds really great (which is something I don’t find easy to say about my own records) and I’m really fucking proud of this!

The first copies were sold last Wednesday at the Vienna Songwriting Circle’s “Acoustic Room” (which was an absolutely awesome night). Thank you very much to everyone who came and got one!

There will be an official release in early autumn, when the Sommerloch has passed. It will also be available for streaming on Spotify and all that jazz.

Here are some more pictures of the assembly:


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