Singer/Songwriter-Abend at Café Benno

Just saying, that this Friday (14th of April, a.k.a. Good Friday), I will be sharing a stage (or something like that) with the great Mark Peters and Jonathan Pinto.

Great food, great drinks, great place – and we’ll do our best to bring great music as well!

Entry is free, but you’ll very probably be asked to throw somthing in a hat somebody might pass around at some point during the evening.

Further details (maybe) at the facebook-event.


The Past…

“[T]he wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfect” – Zadie Smith, White Teeth

As over the last couple of months there was just too much stuff-not-related-to-music going on, and music itself was sort of seeping out of my life, let’s just stick with above quote, tell that lie again, and just assume the future will bring more music, and updates and stuff to these sites…

The Great Crashed Fidelis Music Show

We’re happy to announce that we are going to take part in The Great Crashed Fidelis Music Show in Vienna, Austria.

It’s a two-days (or rather two-evenings) indoors-festival taking place at Moë on the 12th and 13th of March, and includes a bunch of very talented (even if i say so myself) musicians and artists. There will also be a “Favourite-Song-Cover-Thing” 🙂

Entry is pay-as-you-wish (as far as I know – you might want to check that again on thursday) and I’ve been told that there is beer to be won, though how much and what you have to do for that is beyond me… Continue reading

The Warlock @ Die Feile, Vienna

My very good friend, Ðuro Rošic*, is playing Die Feile tomorrow – you can find slightly more details at this fb-event. He asked me to help him out on a couple of songs, but due to various circumstances, not all of which were wholly under the control of either him or me, this number has now been reduced to one. But that one’s a cracker (at least theoretically – we’ll see how it goes in practice)!

And he is very, very good and this will be his first solo gig so he needs all the support we can give. So, anyone reading this: come to Continue reading

Pictures from Die Feile, 13th December 2013

Just returned from a lovely gig at Die Feile, located at Novaragasse 37 in Vienna.

Thank you everyone who came out to listen – there were far more of you than I expected and the reaction was better than I could have hoped for!
Here are some pictures my producer, recording assistant and friend took – thanks, Ðuro!
And also thanks to the owners of Die Feile for offering me to play – it was fun and you were quite welcoming! Continue reading

A First Whisper

Now let the empty words corrode
That feed upon your roaring soul
There was a hint a whispered line
A waltz composed in dead man’s time
Something too beautiful to grasp
Making thaw that iron mask
That like a wintry icy blur
Had covered up the dreams that stir
Beneath our fragile, fevered skin –
This life it is a wondrous thing.