Bridge of Matches


All these schemes are hollow
As long as we don’t let follow
Actions to these thoughts
It’s so easy to get caught
In the webs we’re weaving
Around ourselves believing
We’ll always find, always find
Always find an easy way out
But, oh, these nagging doubts

We build a bridge of matches
To help us cross dark patches
And yet somehow it catches
Us by surprise
When it burns down
And all that remains are ashes

We hold on to these phrases
Never ask: ‘who made this?’
Learned not to, learned not to
Learned not to think for ourselves
It’s no wonder we always complain

We’re clinging to the story
That one day we’ll find glory
And we will know, we will know
We will know what to do
We’re just animals caught in a self-made zoo
Yes, I’m looking at you!



Words and music by Benjamin Block
Recorded 2017 in Vienna. All rights reserved.